Sorry we’re leaving ..

1 Dec

Today, we’re here to let you know that after 8.5 years of business, we will be closing down our London shop from the 25th December. We would like to thank all of you for your custom and building a relationship with us and our team over the years. It’s been such a pleasure hearing about your inspiring craft projects and seeing many of you start a new artistic skill 🙂

As some of you may know, Slanchogled was originally founded in Bulgaria over 30 years ago. The two shops there and the online website will still remain open. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you do order online the products will be shipped from Bulgaria so the delivery charge may be higher than average.

We would also like to let those of you with valid Slanchogled gift cards know that they will now only be valid for in-store purchases until December 24th. However, you may still use them online ( past this date with no delivery charge. Just note your 4-digit gift voucher number and amount in the comments section when ordering, or alternatively, email .

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible journey, and wish you all a lovely end of the year!

Slanchogled team

The painting method for everyone

21 Mar

watercolor 2

Watercolors are an amazing and easy way to get yourself into painting.

The light wash of colors can easily be incorporated into fine liner illustrations or pencil drawings, making any piece of art just that little bit more vibrant for the spring months.

watercolor 1

Watercolors are also a great way to create more free and expressive pieces. Due to watercolors having more of a fluid consistency in comparison to the thickness of acrylic paints, it is much easier to layer light washes and then simply use a dryer brush to have deeper tones of color.

We have kits of all different sizes in store, just come in and ask one of the team to find what’s best for you.



Just a little something to say…

25 Jan

January is almost over, let the spring begin (well, almost)!


Why not make this Valentine’s Day a little bit special with handmade cards for your loved ones?

Mix and match our single blank cards with colored envelopes, or just get a pack of cards to spread some extra love. From heart shaped hole punches to lucky charms, we have plenty of things you can stick on to create your own designs. You can experiment with water colours, brush pens and metallic markers to draw up designs that are entirely unique to you.

Don’t worry about being stuck on ideas because that’s what we’re here for! Our team is ready to help you find the inspiration.

Just hanging out

12 Dec

It’s the time of the year for warm crafty nights by the fire, so make your Christmas decorations extra special this year by adding some cute characters to the mix.

All you need is some polystyrene balls and a mix of paper and paint to create animal friends to hang on your Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations

What we used:

  • Polystyrene balls (we used 6cm-8cm, but the choice is yours)
  • A selection of plain paper/ card
  • A selection of patterned craft paper
  • Posca acrylic markers for the little details
  • Felt to make warm scarves
  • Wire for hanging
  • Christmassy ribbon for the red bauble
  • Acrylic paint
  • Craft knife (to carve the mushroom)
  • Googly eyes
  • (red) drawing pins for noses (alternatively use buttons or just paint)
  • Cork lid for snowman’s hat
  • Craft glue/ hot glue gun


Paint the polystyrene balls to your choice of colours, and glue them together (2 for each animal).

Cut the shapes for ears, beaks, arms and legs from paper and glue them on. Then create craft paper cones to give them party hats for all the festivities.

Stick on the googly eyes (or draw on eyes) and draw on mouths and whiskers using the Posca acrylic markers. To make scarves, cut out a strip of felt and tie around the neck.

To add the wire hanger; cut the wire to desired length and pierce it into the top of the animal decoration (far enough that it stays put).

For the red bauble, we painted the ball using acrylic paint and glued a ribbon around as decoration.


Happy holiday crafting!


Master Chef?

23 Oct

To conclude our mini series on creative ways to personalize the different types of blank scrapbook albums and sketchbooks we offer, here we have one for all the budding master chefs.  We thought of a lovely design for you to keep all your favorite recipes in.

We again decided to use our A5 spiral bound sketchbook, with  grey board front and back and Kraft card pages.  Everything that we used can be found here at Slanchogled and everything can be mixed and matched from the wide verity of materials and supplies we have.

The ingredients we used for this recipe are paper from our selection of papers along with some decorative Washi tape, clear double sided tape,  two colors from our range of Zig Art and Graphic Twin pens which are also water soluble, a self-adhesive lace border from Heyda and a pack of our die cut paper circles.






Lost to everyone but each other

7 Oct

Did you happen to have an encounter with someone that changed your life this summer? Perhaps within that moment the air stood still and everything in which you believe got turned upside down and inside out.  Continuing with our series on fun ways to decorate our sketch book albums we thought of the one the lovers, or for those who just love cats!

For this design we decided to use our A5 spiral bound sketch book, which features stiff grey board for its front and back covers and also comes with kraft card inside.  We selected a page from our wide range of patterned papers and used double sided tape to stick it to the front of the sketch book.  We used two cats from our pack of die cut cat cut outs, again using double sided tape to stick them down. Using a paper punch we cut out a small heart from red paper to add the finishing touch.




Shake the end of summer blues

6 Oct

With the summer just about to pass us by, leaving us with the falling leaves of autumn and the quickly approaching cold, dark nights of winter.  It can be very easy to get a case of the end of summer blues!

Here at Slanchogled we thought it would be a lovely idea to create a personalised photo album for all those wonderful sun soaked memories.  How nice would it be to cosy up with your loved ones and flick through your summer photos.  A sure way to get rid of those mean ol’ blues… maybe even start plan next years get away.

For this design we first started by painting the front of our sketch book album white then taking a wood carving tool we scraped the lines across the front to give a wooden plank effect.  For the summer 2016 text we used our plywood stencil pack.  The pack features the full alphabet in upper case text and numbers from one to ten along with &,@ symbols.  The great features of the alphabet stencil set is that you can use both the positive and negative cut outs, just like we have here.






For the personal touch

4 Oct

Coming to the end of another wonderful summer in London, we here at Slanchogled would like to say thank you to everyone who visited the shop and to all that fellow and enjoy our blog.  We have been having great fun thinking of new and exciting ways to get creative with our range of interesting and exciting arts and crafts supplies.

Over the coming weeks we are going to be posting a mini series on different creative ways to personalize the different types of blank scrap book albums and sketch books we offer.

Lets start things of simple.  Here we have glued a selection of colored lollipop sticks to the front of a Slanchogled ring bound, plywood front and back blank scrap book album.  The album also comes with a suede string attached so it can be tied closed.  For the London text we used Titanium White Cryla acrylic paint and applied with a brush.  To add a nice finishing touch we went over the right hand side edge of the text with a black felt tip pen to achieve a 3D like effect.


A doll house paradise

14 Jul

Do you have a doll house or want to start making your own? We have a lot of fun ways you can customise and create your own dolls paradise.  Here is a nice design for your very own cutlery rack to add that personal touch to your dolls kitchen or pantry.

We used our pack of wooden cutlery and gave them a lovely hand painted design using simple acrylic paint.  We then had a great idea to create a rack to display them on, using our slotted lolly pop sticks.  A small drop of glue can be added to the slots for extra strength and support.  An etching tool also comes in very handy to add small details like the white do to the bowls.



Lavender, the smell of relief

30 Jun

We have been having more fun with texture paste here at Slanchogled.  As we have seen in our last post the texture paste is a thick, creamy material you can use to create layers of relief onto a flat surface.

How we created this piece was by combining the texture paste along with decoupage. Firstly we found a lovely image of lavender that was on a paper napkin.  We carefully cut out the image from the napkin, tracing the outline onto one of our blank wooden plaques that we stock in various shapes and sizes.

Using the a brush we painted the texture paste on the inside of the outline and allowed to try.  We then used decoupage medium to stick and seal the image on top of the texture paste and finished it off by painting the rest of the plaque with a thinner layer texture paste and etched a short message into it using our etching tool.  ‘simplicity is just a matter of focus’